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Vishwa Vedanta School

Enlightening the Future...

About Us


The Vishwa Vedanta School Kharora, Was set up in 2005 with a Saroscant purpose, Out of sheer dedication to the good cause of education and primarily to enter to the long felt need of CBSE Affiliated residential Co -education English medium school in its true sense in this region.


The Vishwa Vedanta School is a humble initiative to address the core purpose of education - Choosing the path of life and being strong enough to walk on it. Aiming towards the ultimate goal of education. The Vishwa Vedanta School believes in not only breeding good students but to personify them into "Better Individuals" for a life time.


Be amongst the most admired centers of world class education to foster academic excellence, physical fitness, psychological and spiritual health and social consciousness, committed to helping students develop into independently thinking individuals imbibing trails of initiative and capable in their path of excellence.


The Vishwa Vendanta education foundation believes that in order to promote the maximum potential of its students, it needs to challenge and assist them to become competent, thoughtful, Ethical and morally balance contributing members of a global society. It is our endeavour to use the best in global education to provide a holistic education experience designed to promote the same.


We firmly think that quality education leads to empowerment and helps to build the nation.

Vishwa Vedanta Education Foundation has begun the journey by setting up its first school in Kharora, Quality schools, influence the child more by practice than by precept, High quality Schools, Effective teacher training program and demonstrate improvement in teaching training would be the vehicles of change.



Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Skating, Rope Carom, Chess, Checkers, climbing, Gymnastics, Cricket, Badminton.


Carom, Chess, Checkers.


Classical Dance, Contemporary Dance, Hip-Hop, Arts & Craft, Songs & Music, Gardening Weekly Competitions, Poetry, Clay Molding, Life Skills, Social Skills, Yoga.


Multimedia Enabled Classrooms Well equipped Computer labs, Library which makes reading interesting student management system using modern technology, Workshops & Training program by clubs association & masters in various skills, arts & talent. Teachers recruited from across the India.


"Education is manifestation of thyself" said swami vivekanand ji. Vishwa Vedanta Education Foundation is trying to live up to these great words. Vishwa Vedanta Education Foundation, With a belief in bringing revolution in the education system, has embarked on a journey. We plan to bring quality education at affordable cost for masses. High quality education for all shall be the mantra for bringing equality in the society, Currently marred with imbalance.

As part of its plan to deliver quality with affordability, VVEF is coming up with its own infrastructure at Kharora which shall be able to meet the CBSE norms.

I invite you to be a part of the ongoing revolution process. I can assure you, with your co-operation; we are going to leave a cherishing legacy for the generations to come.

Abhinaw Sharma

(Director, VVEF)
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