Vishwa Vedanta School

The Vishwa Vedanta School, Kharora was set up in 2005 with a Saroscant purpose, Out of sheer dedication to the good cause of education and primary to enter to the long felt need of CBSE Affiliated residential Co-education English Medium school in its true sense in this region. 

Founder's Foreward

“Education is manifestation of thyself” said swami vivekanand ji. Vishwa Vedanta Education Foundation is trying to live up to these great words. Vishwa Vedanta Education Foundation, With a belief in bringing revolution in the education system, has embarked on a journey. We plan to bring quality education at affordable cost for masses. High quality education for all shall be the mantra for bringing equality in the society, Currently marred with imbalance.

As part of its plan to deliver quality with affordability, VVEF is coming up with its own infrastructure at Kharora which shall be able to meet the CBSE norms.

I invite you to be a part of the ongoing revolution process. I can assure you, with your co-operation; we are going to leave a cherishing legacy for the generations to come.


(Director, VVEF) +91 99934 99209, +91 98261 52333

The Right People in the Right Jobs

Qualified and motivated teachers with perfect blend of knowledge , quality, culture and patience.

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Knowledge is that which liberates.

  • A fearless and harmonious environment for students to help them gain wisdom beyond conventional education.
  • Experiential and Exploration based learning.
  • Stress free assessment and evaluation models.
  • To facilitate the development of whole individuals; Academic, Aesthetic, Creative, Social, Physical & Emotional, The Vishwa Vedanta Education has designed learning programs conducive for different learning style abilities & interests.
  • The School experience should promote positive interpersonal relationship where students can work co-operatively with a partner, group or team to become caring, sharing individuals aware of the concern of others.

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